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About us

Trianite Software Solutions is a small business based in Tromsø, Norway. We focus on making websites for small to medium sized businesses. We pride ourselves in providing websites that are entirely customized and built from scratch. We have made websites for multiple small businesses and have many happy customers as of today's date. Our competence spans from making websites made to convey your story, product, or business. To making extensive, customized web applications to help accelerate your business.


Trianite Software Solutions provide a plethora of services that allow you, and your business to be as efficient as possible.

Custom websites

This is the main pride of Trianite Software Solutions. Our primary goal is to make the internet beatiful, fun and interresting to browse, and to set you apart from everyone else. Our websites are tailored to your needs. How the site ends up is entirely up to you. Our goal is to make your dreams come true.

WordPress sites

WordPress is an open source platform optimized for blog like websites. If you often post articles or news on your website then Wordpress is a very favorable solution. WordPress is quick and easy to install and gives you a lot of control over the content on your website. Though it offers very little customizability from a design standpoint.


With our services, we offer extensive support. Should something go wrong we can be reached quickly, and we will immediately start working on solving whatever issue might have arisen. This means you can always feel safe in case something happens.


When you purchase a website from us you have two alternatives for hosting. Either you get your own hosting solution, and we just give you the website files to upload to your site, or we can handle the hosting for you. Price for hosting varies from site to site. Depending on resource needs.


Trianite Software Solutions is a tiny company. In contrast to the average mega company we have time enough to care for every single one of our customers. If you have any special needs, or if our services aren't perfect for you, we'll work hard to tailor things to your needs. Every customer has great value to us.

Contact us

Want to get in touch about using some of our sevices? Or do you just have a couple questions for us? Get in touch! Just send us an email, and we'll answer as rapidly as we can!
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